Included in: Brooklyn 2013
Category: Play

Alberto Coto: Oceano

Artist’s Statement:

The series “Oceano” includes beach scenes from Brazil, Spain, Portugal and USA, and focuses on the variety of people that come together at beaches everywhere, viewed from far and sometimes near. Alberto Coto has worked on the theme for over ten years and was originally inspired by the work of Massimo Vitali; however Coto is interested in the individual and intimate experience,, exploring what appear to be connections between strangers (engaged in similar gestures or simultaneous movements), but who are not actually in contact. Coto’s images also draw us close into spaces where we feel comfortable, highlighting details of the individuals, revealing uniqueness and personal narratives. The use of the scale in the different environments, textures and bright colors invite the viewer to connect with the feelings we all experience during a day at the beach.

Artist’s Bio:

New York, USA / San Jose, Costa Rica / Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Alberto Coto (born in San Jose, Costa Rica) worked as photo editor and art director when he moved to New York City and for the past eight years has been shooting commercial and fine art photography dividing his time between New York City and Rio de Janeiro. In his fine art work, which has been shown in Costa Rica and Europe, he has developed a wide range of themes such as urban scenes, people in everyday moments and still lifes using nature elements. Coto has curated exhibitions, and is currently editing a book, of fine art and documentary historic photographs encompassing the second half of the Twentieth Century in Costa Rica.