The FENCE 2013 — Selected Photographers


Rodeo Girls by Ilona Szwarc

Feira do São Martinho by Matteo Guariso

Hoboken Passing by John Delaney

Snowbirds by Mika Goodfriend

Christian Orthodox in Jerusalem by Jordi Pizarro Torrell

Lost Hills — People by Sam Comen

The Black Okies by Matt Black



Claimed Landscape by Alexis Pike

At the Edge of the Wood by K C Bailey

Grounded: Winged Survivors of Florida’s Gulf Coast by Bob Croslin

Preserve by Mike McGregor

Birds of a Feather by Claire Rosen

Puppies Behind Bars by Radhika Chalaani

Antique Aviary by Dianne Yudelson

Blue Ribbon by Scott Hoyle



The Car Poolers by Alejandro Cartagena

Gowanus Wild by Miska Draskoczy

Gotham by Greg Miller

Coming Soon by Natan Dvir

Progress As Seen Through a Hole by Ian Hall

Selected People: Streets by Pelle Cass

Buenos Aires by Maria Plotnikova

Windscreen by Phillip Jung



Oceano by Alberto Coto

The Tourists by Rebecca Handler

Celdas (Prison Cells) by Alma Leiva

KACHALKA: Muscle Beach by Kirill Golovchenko

Found Baseballs by Don Hamerman

Lost Hills — Play by Sam Comen

RIVER by Jaka Vinsek

Rodeo Texas by Sara Macel



HKG livingplaces by Arjen Schmitz

My Watan by Matthieu Paley

The Travellers by Birte Kaufmann

Property Line by Roberta Neidigh

Mirame, Lima by Jaime Travezan & Morgana Vargas Llosa

Amelia’s World by Robin Schwartz

Pieces of String by Justin Kimball

Broken Rules by Arantxa Cedillo