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Arjen Schmitz: HKG livingplaces

Artist’s Statement:

As an artist, I explore the relationship between man, architecture, cities and the affected landscape. People have a clear influence on this landscape / public space.

My work shows this clear influence, the impact, of man in his daily living environment. I am trying to to capture equilibrium and harmony despite daily live and appearance of the daily chaos without losing my perspective and vision. Perspective and vision captured in emotions of desolation, megalomania, imperfections, colors and the monotonous light.. The boundary of the enjoyment of the affected cityscape or landscape.

In case the human form is used to emphasize proportion, the image will evoke an emotion. The man in in landscape, even in the absence, almost tangibly present.

Each recording is a time-“snapshot” of monumental documentary nature. All images are made with 8×10 inch camera to achieve finest detail in trying to approach reality as close as possible.

All images comes in C-print 120 x 150 and 200 x 250 Dibond

Artist’s Bio:

Maastricht, Netherland

Arjen Schmitz lives in Maastricht ( Netherland ) and works in the Netherland’s and travels around the world for his autonomous work. In 2012 he won the Dutch PANL Award Amsterdam, Netherland 2012, first prize category Personal places and first prize of the Members choice. In 2013 he won Sony WPO London 2013 third prize, category Landscape’s His solo and group exhibitions include Culturel Centre Hasselt Belgium (2004), Galerie 2,5 x 4,5 Amsterdam Netherland (2005), Art Twente Netherland (2005), Mercedes Benz Headquaters Maastricht Netherland (2007), Gallery BenC Maastricht Netherland (2008). His landscapes and Cityscapes have been shown in Gallery Stevens Maastricht Netherland (2011), his night landscapes in Gallery Stevens Maastricht Netherland in September 2013. Other shows include personal places in Somerset House London (April – May 2013), Hong Kong personal places in Somerset House London, (May – June 2013), Sygenta Award. He has been published in several architecture books and architecture magazines.