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Category: Streets

Dougie Wallace: Road Wallah

Artist’s Statement:

The once ubiquitous Premier Padmini taxis (India’s version of a 1950s Fiat) were introduced to Mumbai in the 60’s. These iconic workhorses are on the verge of being banned from the streets, following a decree to replace them with modern alternatives. They will soon be gone from Mumbai’s streets altogether. Capturing the road wallah’s cabs is like stepping into a time capsule: The images reflect the chaotic, noisy and sometimes claustrophobic workplace of the drivers who spend up to 24 hours each shift in their cabs.

Artist’s Bio:

London, UK

Dougie Wallace is London-based but grew up in Glasgow. He has lived in East London for 15 years but spends plenty of time travelling abroad. Among his fascinations expressive social documentary and street photography, including everything from the nightlife of Blackpool to the daily commuting life of places like Lisbon, Cairo, Sarajevo, Tirana, and Kiev.