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Category: Creatures

Gaston Lacombe: Penguinscapes

Artist’s Statement:

Behind the Argentina’s Esperanza Base, on the Antarctic peninsula, it’s possible to stand on a cliff and look down on a colony of 250 000 Adelie penguins that nest there from about November to February. This area changes its appearance daily, depending on snowfall, blooms of algae in the ice, or the colors that the penguins drag along with their feet. The penguins are the main landscape architects who bring shape and color to this place.

Artist’s Bio:

Washington DC

Gaston Lacombe is an award-wining photographer and filmmaker specializing in documentary projects.  Born in Canada, he is now based in Washington DC. He studied at the B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. levels in History, and holds a degree in Photography from Boston University CDIA, DC campus. His love affair with the planet has lead him to traveling all over its surface, including living in Latvia for 12 years, and a 2-month residency in Antarctica. His photos have been published or exhibited on every single continent.  Most notably, his photos series “Captive,” which explores the living conditions of animals in zoos around the world, has attracted international attention.  “Captive” was a featured exhibit at Photoville in New York City in 2013. His main interests include exploring the often complicated relationship people and animals, and the preservation of human memory.