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Lauren Welles: Coney Island

Artist’s Statement:

‘If Paris is France, then Coney Island, between June and September, is the world.’ – George Tilyou, 1886

Despite the incessant predictions of its demise, Coney Island continues to attract visitors of all races, social classes and ethnicities who, seeking respite from their quotidian stresses and routines, inject the veins of “America’s Playground” with its celebrated joie de vivre.

Artist’s Bio:

New York, NY

I am a self-taught photographer and former attorney who heard the whispers of my passion growing louder and louder, until I finally stopped practicing law to focus full-time on making photographs. People-watching is one of my favorite activities, I’ve always been interested in understanding what makes us tick. The lawyer part of my brain likes making order of things. My camera is the vehicle that allows me to combine these two activities, and the streets of NYC, where I live, is my playground.

My work has appeared in Rangefinder and Tokien magazines as well as the “Street Shots NYC” at the South Street Seaport Museum in NYC.