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Christopher Herwig: Soviet Bus Stops

Artist’s Statement:

Over 12 years I have covered more than 30,000 km by car, bike, bus and taxi in 13 countries documenting these unexpected roadside attractions. In many regions of the former Soviet Union the local bus shelter was built seemingly without design restrictions, or even budget limit. These projects became a precious opportunity for local artists and architects to express themselves. Instead of one standardized design we find 1000’s of unique and sometimes whimsical creations. This project is not about politics or centralized ideology rather a celebration of the individual and one’s desire to create.

Artist’s Bio:

With 20 years of experience in over 90 countries, Herwig is a Canadian born photographer and videographer determined to find beauty and inspiration in all aspects of life. A firm believer that the thrill of exploration is still alive in the world has sent him hitch-hiking from Vancouver to Cape Town, across Iceland by foot and raft, and through Europe by bike. Currently based in Jordan, his previous homes have include Liberia and Kazakhstan. He has provided photos from some of the remotest regions of the world, from the Pamir mountains in Tajikistan to the rainforests of West Africa, for publications including GEO, CNN traveler, Geographical, and Lonely Planet. He has worked extensively with non-government organizations and development agencies in some of the poorest parts of the world to put a human face to their statistics and bring project proposals to life.