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Derrick Zellmann: Facing the Fire

Artist’s Statement:

Facing the Fire is a collection of portraits from an ongoing series with the Boston Fire Department in an attempt to personify the valor and character of the individuals who protect their city. Taking inspiration from iconic statues of Greek and Roman Warriors, the series is captured in a style that seeks to pay a similar tribute to the firefighters who go to battle each day, risking their lives for those in need. Strong highlights and deep shadows quietly and carefully shape the faces of Boston’s Bravest to create a raw, authentic, and unique opportunity for viewers to look deep into the eyes of the modern day heroes living among us.

Artist’s Bio:

Derrick Zellmann is an award winning editorial and portrait photographer whose work has been published both nationally and internationally. After earning his Bachelor’s degree in art from Bridgewater State College, Derrick attended Hallmark Institute of Photography where he was professionally trained by top professionals including his mentor, Gregory Heisler. Currently based in Boston, Massachusetts, Derrick has recently embarked on a series of black and white portraits featuring the brave individuals of Boston Fire Department.