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Inge Hondebrink: Jump

Artist’s Statement:

It’s a series of athletes with disabilities during long jump and high jump in different tournaments.

Artist’s Bio:

I am a professional photographer.
People are the constant factor in my photography.
Famous, handicapped, old, young or beautiful each individual poses a unique challenge as a subject, whether in their daily life or when posing for a portrait. 
“My personal objective is to widen the viewer’s perspective, challenge his assumptions with my pictures. For me, there can be no honour in only reaffirming commonplaces. Therefore, I will always seek for stimulating images, with the potential to surprise.”
 I frequently initiates projects that personally move me. 
I have a specialism in sports and handicap. I captured the paralympics in Sydney ( 2000), Athene ( 2004 ) and Londen ( 2012 ) and the Invictus Games ( London 2014) for several national newspapers