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Emanuela Colombo: Chickens

Artist’s Statement:

You can find thousands of non-professional poultry farmers of ornamental breed chickens all around Europe. They grow for fun animals that match precise aesthetic (and racing) criteria. Each variety of chicken has its own shape, plumage, color or way of walking because of its place of birth.

In seeking these specifics, these poultry farmers bring back breeds that disappeared when humans began to target a single kind of fast growing chicken that is economically convenient. If it were not for those non-professional poultry farmers many of these chickens varieties would be extinct, and their genes lost.

Poultry farmers compete in competitions in which each animal is judged by how it responds to precise parameters, different for each breed: posture, size and shape, but also design and color of the plumage.


Artist’s Bio:

My name is Emanuela. After graduating in Communication Sciences at IULM in Milan, I worked for almost 10 years in purchasing department of several companies in the area. Finally, I realized that it was not for me and I decided to dedicate myself to my passion, photography.

In 2007 I received a Master in “Photography and Visual Design” at NABA in Milan. Since then,  I’ve worked with several NGOs to produce stories about activities in Italy and abroad. I’ve published my work on Italian and foreign magazines and now have a studio where I take portraits, especially of animals.