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Garry Waller: The Ferry

Artist’s Statement:

This series offers an intimate glimpse at some of people who use the free ferry service back and forth to Staten Island. I became fascinated by the mix of people who use the boat, commuters and tourists alike who’s motives for being there was as different as the characters I came across.

Commuters solely intent on getting from A to B, mostly below deck or inside, checking devices and reading, passing time however they can, bored and unmoved by the sweeping views they’ve seen countless times. This is combined with the throngs of tourists on the upper decks, vying for the best view and the obligatory Statue of Liberty photo.

This series is part of a short multimedia piece which includes interviews with passengers.

Artist’s Bio:

Garry Waller was born and raised in the UK and graduated from Central Saint Martins in London with a Masters degree in Communication Design. He is currently based in New York and working as a graphic designer and photographer.