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Kelly Kline: Canine Cellmates

Artist’s Statement:

The non-profit Canine Cellmates is a dedicated jail dog program, working in cooperation with the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta, GA. The program saves dogs from shelters then partners them with inmates for an 8 week training program that benefits both the inmate and the dog.

Certified dog trainers conduct the training sessions using positive training methods to teach the inmates how to train and care for the dogs and ultimately transform them into adoptable dogs. By the completion of the program, both the inmates and the dogs have gained valuable skills that will help both be productive in society.

In simple terms, this program changes lives – both canine and human, by offering them a second chance at life. Both groups have faced isolation and rejection by the outside world, but when they come together, they often give each other a new found sense of purpose and hope, as they become the rescuer for one another.

Artist’s Bio:

Kelly Kline is a sports and lifestyle photographer based in Atlanta, GA.