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Paige McFall: Response to Play

Artist’s Statement:

Inspired by my children and their honest expression of what matters, I found a deep connection to their response to “play” ~ their feelings.

How it felt to “sail in the sink”
How it felt to “crash the party”

These feelings are not typically the result of something grand, but the little moments in between. Magic happens in between. In-between carries the essence of what matters.
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Artist’s Bio:

Originally from Wenatchee, Washington, Paige spent the first 30 years of her life training and performing as a professional ballet dancer. She was a recipient of the Presidential Scholar in the Arts award. She has danced for audiences throughout the world and collaborated with artists internationally. Following her dance career, Paige continued her artistic journey through photography. Inspired by her children and their honest expression of what matters, she paused — and joined their magic as a photographer.

Paige has traveled around the sun with mentors, artists, family, friends and strangers. They have all contributed to her journey and sat beside her to pause and breathe in what matters. She now resides in Amsterdam, Netherlands with her husband, two daughters, Stella Blu & Tallulah, and their dog Rocco.