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Shalmon Bernstein: Times Square Movie Ladies / 1971

Artist’s Statement:

When originally photographing these women I thought of them as being trapped in, a rather unique way, by our economic system. Photographically they were in cages. Their personalities however, when aware of the camera, shine proudly through their interactions with it. A historical value is added when you realize the majority of street level real estate in Times Square was occupied by movie theaters running the gamut from fine art to porn. The prices and ancient machinery adds additionally to this dimension.


Artist’s Bio:

Photographed extensively during the seventies. Worked for major magazines and publishers. Taught at the School of Visual Arts. Totally left photography for 35 years and returned about 5 years ago to be introduced by ICP to the very different, in every respect, digital world. Was blessed with a Times “Lens Blog” feature of my former work and so I am now scanning that work and shooting digitally.