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Ward Russell: The Big Top – NOT!

Artist’s Statement:

The days of the grand Big Top Circus visiting the small towns across the country are almost gone. Santa Fe, New Mexico is lucky to have an abbreviated version of one of the few remaining visit once a year, and that is under only the blue sky and not under any kind of a big top. I have been documenting this disappearing amusement over the last several years. While the acts mostly come from overseas and the animals are being forced into retirement, the children’s faces still light up with joy as the lights go down and the show begins.


Artist’s Bio:

Ward Russell, award winning Cinematographer/Photographer, has adapted his Hollywood art to the world of fine art photography. Transitioning from the moving image to the still frame, he has mastered the same depth of meaning and emotion. Just as he added mood and drama in movies, he now creates that complexity in his stills. Ward converts the cinematic close up into the revealing portrait. He adapts the story telling of movies to that momentary truth of people in time and space of the still photo.

Ward’s motion picture, “Days of Thunder” established his reputation for bringing stylish and breathtaking photography to action pictures. His contemporary film noir, “The Last Boy Scout,” has become a cult film, studied in film schools. “X-Files, the Movie” expanded the acclaimed TV series onto the big screen.

Ward has been commissioned by leading corporations and advertising agencies around the world to photograph over 500 national television commercials. He has created images for most of the major automobile companies, and has photographed every type commercial imaginable, from fashion, to food, humor, toys and lifestyles.

Ward currently lives with his wife, Mary Cay, in Santa Fe, New Mexico where they own and run WARD RUSSELL photography and Brite Lite Productions. His still photography keeps him busy traveling to lands and cultures around the world. His gallery/studio fills with shows of his current work and examples of his fine art portraits.