Frank Evers

Frank Evers, is the founder of INSTITUTE, an artist management company representing documentary artists. Frank is also the owner/executive producer of Evergreen Pictures, the production company behind the award-winning documentary hit, “The Queen of Versailles”. In addition to his artist management and film production efforts, Frank is the brain-child behind leading events, such as The Future of Storytelling, a TED-like conference for leaders in the field of storytelling, and the New York Photo Festival (, originally conceived as a Dumbo-based photo festival celebrating the cutting edge of contemporary photography.

Prior to the formation of INSTITUTE, Frank was the Managing Director of the VII, a NY-based photo agency. Before VII, Frank spent 10 years in the video game business, producing games for Activision, Vivendi and Disney Interactive (his titles generated over $1 billion in global sales). He started his career in the film business with Sony Pictures Entertainment, and later executive produced the cult classic film, “Swimming With Sharks” (Kevin Spacey and Frank Whalley).

Frank is married to photographer/filmmaker, Lauren Greenfield.