Included in: Brooklyn 2013
Category: Streets

Ian Addison Hall: Progress As Seen Through A Hole

Artist’s Statement:

Cities like New York are constantly changing, and it’s common for longstanding neighborhood businesses and local landmarks to disappear without much explanation. After a building is torn down, for a transient moment, the empty lot that remains is left vacant and waiting.

When reconstruction starts, most residents don’t know what’s going to come. More often than not, the only clues can be found by peering inside the small black holes in the blue construction site walls. This series is meant to capture the emotions of residents left waiting to see what lies ahead for their neighborhood. Like a voyeur, they peep through the holes in the construction site walls with no control over what will happen next.


Artist’s Bio:

Ian Addison Hall: Brooklyn, NY

“I will tell you the one thing I really believe out of all the things there are to believe… All people are insane… They will do anything at any time, and God help anybody who looks for reasons.” – Kurt Vonnegut in Mother Night

No matter how exhausting it can be, we all look for reasons. While at times it feels like we are all so different, focusing on the communal thoughts and feelings will conjure an inherent understanding we have of one another. Using photography and found imagery, my work brings to light common underlying values that we all share. Each series focuses on different aspects of global intellectual and emotional knowledge, and attempts to make them accessible in new ways.

I’m Ian Addison Hall and I was born and raised in West Virginia. Now I live in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn with my girlfriend Kellyn and our dog Tater. Working from my experiences growing up in rural WV and now living in NYC, I hope to promote a heightened sense of belonging by communicating collective thoughts, feelings and experiences that we all can relate to.