Included in: Boston 2014
Category: Play

Suzanne Révy: To Venerate the Simple Days

Artist’s Statement:

The simple days of summer, when our daily obligations as a family are a bit more relaxed, and as the light of the sun lingers well into the evening, it’s easy to feel seduced into thinking that it will never end. And yet, every year, with the hint of color in the trees that appears in late August, the summer slowly fades into autumn, we head back to school and work and obligations, and the summer months quickly become an ephemeral memory.

In this most recent series of photographs, I decided to lighten my load, and explore our days with color film. I employed a small toy camera that allowed for picture making in places and at times that had been difficult or impossible with the more traditional gear used in my previous work. I found as I exposed and processed the film, that the pictures reflected my mood, one of deep satisfaction and contentment to be with friends and family, to spend time with the kids during their pre-teen years unencumbered by homework and schedules, but feeling somewhat melancholy in the knowledge that these days with them are rare and fleeting.

Artist’s Bio:

Carlisle, MA

I am a portrait and fine art photographer based in the greater Boston area with a BFA in photography from Pratt Institute. After a decade in the field of magazine photography as a photo editor at U.S.News & World Report and Yankee Magazine, I left to raise two sons. I began photographing my boys, their cousins and friends, and have intuitively built two portfolios of pictures that explore the culture and nature of childhood, and my own emotional response as a witness to their growth and development.

My work has been exhibited at the Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, MA, the Danforth Museum of Art in Framingham, MA, The Workspace Gallery in Lincoln, NE, and the Camera Club of NY in New York City, and my work is represented by the Panopticon Gallery in Boston, MA.