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Todd Antony: The Sun City Poms

Artist’s Statement:

The Sun City Poms are a group of retirees from Sun City Arizona who formed a cheerleading troupe. Training twice a week and performing up to 50 times per year, the youngest member is 55 and the eldest 83.

I was drawn to the subject not just because of the obvious visual attributes of both the ladies and the fantastically groomed locations around Sun City, but by the way in which these ladies push back against the societal norms of how we view aging. While shooting the series I was struck by how at one end of the age scale you have young girls competing in child beauty pageants, wearing make-up and dresses far beyond their years, attaining to grow up faster almost. While at the other contrasting end you have these inspiring woman trying to wind back the years.

Artist’s Bio:

London, UK

Born in New Zealand, Todd moved to London 9 years ago to continue his photography career, assisting some of the top advertising photographers in the world before moving on to shoot for himself. Since then he has won multiple categories in the Association of Photographers Awards, Best in Book in the Creative Review Photography Annual and has been included in LA’s Archive 200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide. In between shooting personal projects and his fine art work he shoots for clients including Sony, Shell, Lucozade, Virgin, O2, and the BBC, and is a regular contributor to Wired magazine.